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Shopback Brings the Best International Brands

Shopback Brings the Best International Brands

If you want to compare Malaysia from 20 years ago by now, there are too much of differences in all aspects including fashion evolution. One of the differences is the emergence of international brands to enter our local fashion industry.

Previously, most of fashion lovers had to fly abroad to get their branded stuff like handbags, shoes and even watches. But now, things have changed and we could easily buy that stuff from branded boutiques in shopping malls or through online.

Shopback Brings the Best International Brands
Logo Shopback yg comel

And for those who are fond of the best international brands, I would like to introduce you to Shopback Malaysia that featured international brands as their affiliated partners.

What makes more interesting about this website is the great discounts offered and also cashback when you make any online purchases through the official website.

This is the good news for the shopaholics as they are not only getting their branded stuff easily, but also the opportunity to enjoy special prices on these items.

And as I mentioned about cashback previously, it is the amount of commission received by Shopback from merchant (for example; TED BAKER) where part of the commission will be given to you.

shopback. you buy you get money back

In other words, you are also making great savings! So, if you want to buy a Daniel Wellington watch or Melissa jelly shoes, do not forget to visit this amazing website -Shopback Malaysia and see all offers from Reebonz here!

How To Use Shopback?

  1. Click on any store that you want to buy such as Zalora, Lazada and many more
  2. Get Redirected
  3. Pay On The Merchant's Site
  4. Get Cashback AUTOMATICALLY

How Long Will my Cashback Take?

Cashback Tracked within only 2 days and cashback redeemable withn 45 days.

Please make sure to get your cashback without barries, read the instructions below:

  1. Do Not Click on Coupon Website
  2. Only use coupons on Shopback
  3. Use the same device Throughout
  4. Enable cookies on your device

Happy shopping with more savings on shopback!

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  1. hoho..

    sape rajin shopping nih, mesti suka la.

  2. boleh suggest kt kwn2 yg pantang masuk mall..hehe...

  3. kenapa aku tak boleh baca entri ni? kenapa ada ruangan komen je?

  4. bro kna refresh balik mungkin dapat baca entri. :D

  5. Macam2 bentuk perniagaan sekarang dan macam2 bentuk promosi..

  6. memang banyak betul jimatnya tu.

  7. Wah, siap ada cashback tu yang menguntungkan :)

  8. pertama kali bro saya dengar jenama ni, nmpk menarik

  9. menarik juga ni bagi kaki shopping online macam saya.

  10. Best zaman ini! Boleh shopping dari mana-mana je...kadang-kadang barangan online lagi murah dari kedai. Satu lagi website yang bagus ialah https://iprice.my/ Diorang boleh bandingkan harga beberapa laman web dan ada banyak kupon yang boleh digunakan. Bolehlah jimat banyak lagi